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Hi, I’m Ope Michael

I am THE BRAND COACH you need to help you discover the winning product for your brand and scale your business.


I will provide the expert strategies, tools and support you need to achieve sustainable growth and reach your financial goals. Partner with me to elevate your brand and establish your place as a leader in your industry.”

Here's My Back Story

I am extremely passionate about doing this because just a few years ago, this was my story:

I had struggled to get my brand and business off the ground, this period was very stressful and tasking and it seemed like there was no end in sight.

My only clients were my family and friends, and while i love them dearly for their patronage, it wasn’t sustainable for my business. I knew i had to get more high end premium clients ready to buy my products.

After making what felt like and endless amount of trials and errors, i finally found my own unique style of getting consistent patronage and now, I’ve been able to:

Make 8 figures consistently year in year out.

Build a brand that people can hardly believe is Nigerian.

And most importantly, now living the life of my dreams with my family.

I am sharing this with you because i want to let you know that even if all you have is a dream of owning an international business, with my help, we can make your dream a reality just like how i made mine.

i’ll love to get help you achieve this and inch you closer to your dreams of owning a recognized leather accessories brand.

Fun Facts

Free gift for you!

start your business with my one page simple business plan template.

This template is the essential foundation that every startup business owner needs before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. It provides a solid starting point and covers all the critical components required for building a successful business from the ground up.