The “secret” formula for building a premium brand.

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How can you start a Sustainable Premium Leather Accessories Brand?

Starting a brand is actually quite easier than most people think..

  1. Get a great logo
  2. Set up your Facebook and Instagram page.
  3. Put up a decent website..

Then sit back and watch sales come in right?..

But when it comes to building a stable and sustainable brand that would last a lifetime, you need to do more than necessary.

Following the route above will only grant you a little taste of success then sales will begin to trickle down and then you’ll be back to square one where you make just a few sales monthly. And then you start to wonder what went wrong.

As a business coach with a lot of experience on leather accessories brand, I’m about to reveal to you how to start, build and sustain a unique leather brand that makes consistent 7-figure sales yearly.

You see, a lot more goes into starting a premium brand than just a nice logo, social media pages and website.

You need these three things to be Sustainable:

  • Authentic product source to guaranty that your products are of the highest and best quality.
  • A unique Brand position which would attract high paying clients to you.
  • Excellent Customer experience to keep each client coming back for more.

I call it my top secret “ABC” formula.
Authentic source, Brand positioning and Customer experience.

If these are put in place, you will never have to worry about sustaining your brand because it would live on in the hearts of every client that patronizes you.

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